Thursday, June 27, 2013

End of the Trip!

WEST and EAST COAST 2013 trips have ended! It was an awesome experience! We could visit amazing places, learn about history and tourism and discover a total new side of the United States! Most of all, we have made the biggest friends! Terra North America would like to thank all the students, chaperones, monitors, drivers and suppliers for those incredible trips! We really hope you have enjoyed every minute and built great memories!
Terra North America Team.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Seaside Heights!

    Day 13th of our east coast trip. We left from NewYork to New Jersey. We visited the famous seaside heights, well known for the original home of Jersey Shore.
    Eager to play at the beach, splashing water, and getting tan we soared our way to paradise. Some of us were soaking wet. Others were getting two-shades darker than before. Lunch was available all around the Boardwalk. Cool custom t-shirts were unique and fun to wear. With sassy words and cool designs these t-shirts are essential to Jersey. Later in the afternoon, playing volley ball and football were common among us. Boys and girls were competitive at their sport. After a long day of sun, we had back to the hotel, and getting ready for dinner and a walk to the shore. A lot of fun entertainment and games, also fun music to jam along with. Not only the beach that was beautiful, but also the full moon that shines among us. Although it is close to be over, we feel united than ever before. These moments are never going to be taken back.

Pankaew Wattanapong.

New York City!

    Saturday, June 22nd 2013, the day had come for our last tour around New York City. The Empire State building was our first stop of our jam-packed schedule. Making our way to the 68th floor was a treat indeed! New York City never looked so beautiful before. The view from upstairs were magical and mind blowing. After that we had our own free time to explore the big apple. Lunch was tasty and metropolitan; made us feel like New Yorkers. At the afternoon we indulged our art senses through the beautiful Phantom of The Opera musical. The Majestic theatre which holds the opera was truly majestic.
    But the amazing performance and contagious music numbers really made an impression on everybody. Then we had free time to explore the famous Time Square! Where we took pictures, visit amazing stores, and had dinner. The day couldn't be any better without the amazing limo tour around New York City. We stopped at Ice Cream Factory by the beautiful Brooklyn Bridge, and headed back to Time Square only to perform the Wabble Dance. The energy heats up when we stroll our way back to the buss, and gave high-fives to New Yorkers.
    Making up the International High-five was so much fun. The day ends with a smile and memories that will never die.

Anshisa Kitpaiboonchai