Friday, June 21, 2013

New York City!

    Hi, our names are Mariapaz and Simon from Chile, and today we're going to talk about our first day in NEW YORK CITY!
    Today our day started quite early, after getting up we had some breakfast at the hotel and then we left boston to go to New york, which by the way was a looong drive, at the bus we hanged out, laugh, sleep and watch a movie___ "simon hated the movie but Mariapaz kind of liked". Lunch was in the bus, after a few hours we arrived to New York City. Our first visit was to the United Nations and we had nice tour in there, learning a little bit more about international relationships.
    During free time we went to downtown, where we did some shopping and walking around Central Park. For dinner we ate at___ and after words we had more free time, which means more shopping (parents don't freak out with your credit cards). After some funny pics we left new york city to rest ourselves and be ready for another great day in new york. we are having so much fun. This is a experience that we'll never forget,
Simon and Mariapaz

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