Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Day 1 - June 11th, 2013

Hey-yo out there!

    Today is the day! The day we all have been waiting for the past months! For the last 290 days actually! We are several districts from all over the mid-west and from 16 different countries, who today met at Wyndham Garden Hotel here in Philadelphia. We were all excited to meet each other – because as we all know; the Rotary trips are the best! Some of the students had been at the hotel since 3 PM, but we from the Chicago area first arrived at 8 PM to jam up the party. We are all eager to see what is ahead of us the next days and so are the enthusiastic Rotarians! We quickly became aware of the rules, the do’s and the don’ts at the information meeting and are ready to make this the best trip ever! We all were hungry after a long day and we managed to order a pizza after we realized that Denny’s next door was not ready for 37 Exchange Students at 9 PM.

Tomorrow we are heading to the amazing capital. GET READY WASHINGTON D.C!

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