Monday, June 24, 2013

Seaside Heights!

    Day 13th of our east coast trip. We left from NewYork to New Jersey. We visited the famous seaside heights, well known for the original home of Jersey Shore.
    Eager to play at the beach, splashing water, and getting tan we soared our way to paradise. Some of us were soaking wet. Others were getting two-shades darker than before. Lunch was available all around the Boardwalk. Cool custom t-shirts were unique and fun to wear. With sassy words and cool designs these t-shirts are essential to Jersey. Later in the afternoon, playing volley ball and football were common among us. Boys and girls were competitive at their sport. After a long day of sun, we had back to the hotel, and getting ready for dinner and a walk to the shore. A lot of fun entertainment and games, also fun music to jam along with. Not only the beach that was beautiful, but also the full moon that shines among us. Although it is close to be over, we feel united than ever before. These moments are never going to be taken back.

Pankaew Wattanapong.

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