Friday, June 21, 2013


    Today we were in Boston , we wake up early and went to a duck tour to meet better the city. It was really cool and people were screaming "quarck" all the time for us, it was funny! After that we went to have lunch in the quincy market and was my favorite place to stay. There was people singing, selling different stuff, a lot if good food and shopping! After that we had our free time to explore Boston, we saw really pretty parks, the capitol, churches, shopping and we realize that Boston is just a really secure and amazing city!! After all, at the noon we went to had a lot of food at zoe's and they had everything as possible, and for the last thing we went was Harvard. A really pretty, nice college and that i would just leave there because of the city , its pretty with a lot of interesting things there to do, i feel like there is a place that you could not get tired of it!!! And after that we went to the hotel to end the day :)

Ana Wilcken Giovana Zampoli

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